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Shared Timezones

Offshore outsourcing, which often spans time zones around the world, is not always reliable and has been known to produce more failure. The simple problem is that it is very difficult to communicate across multiple time-zones - if a meeting is necessary then someone has to stay up late or wake up early - not feasible for regular communication. If managing your project's success is important to you then strong and regular communication is imperative. Moreover, your project cannot enjoy the benefits of rapid Agile programming without regular input from the stakeholders.

With our head office in Utah, and developments center in Costa Rica and Peru, geographic proximity and shared time-zones allow North American companies to increase face-to-face interaction - in turn allowing more complex projects to be completed successfully with maximized efficiency and within a shorter time span.

Conference calls, instant messaging chats, Skype, video conferences, and Google+ hang outs are just some of the many tools used by our engineers to stay in constant contact with our clients, allowing real time coordination as if they were sitting next to you in your office. And it is not uncommon for our clients to visit us in Costa Rica in person since flight times from the US are usually less than four hours.

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