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Peru: The Rising Star of Outsourcing in the Americas

With more and more companies turning to Latin America for their development teams and staff augmentation, why are some companies now looking to expand their resource search into Lima, Peru?

San José Rated Best Destination to Outsource in the Americas

San José (Costa Rica’s largest city) is the best destination in the Americas to outsource services. This was announced by Tholons international consulting firm, specializing in global outsourcing and investments in its latest ranking of the top 100 destinations for outsourced operations.

The Real Cost of Employment

The real costs of hiring are staggering and can sometimes far outweigh an employees actual wage

If you want to watch a business owner shudder and turn pale, let them read this article about the many employment costs they have not considered.

Vagrant: Software development collaboration & deployment heaven

A portable way to pass environments from machine to machine (during development, testing and staging) that can match the native environment set down by production server admins. It is a way to create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments so that the tired excuse "it works on my machine" is never heard again.

Excel Developers Place 3rd in Mobile Apps Dev Marathon

Excel SoftSources' iOS developers Natalia Sibaja and Leonardo Ortiz won Third place in the past Latin American Mobile Apps Development Marathon, which took place during Saturday Dec 1 and Sunday Dec 2, with an app called "Epicentro", which allows victims of earthquakes to stay in touch with their families and report damages.

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