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San José Rated Best Destination to Outsource in the Americas

San José Rated Best Destination to Outsource in the Americas

Jan. 15, 2015 by Rein Petersen

San José (Costa Rica’s largest city) is the best destination in the Americas to outsource services.

This was announced by Tholons international consulting firm, specializing in global outsourcing and investments in its latest ranking of the top 100 destinations for outsourced operations.

The report, published yearly since 2006, puts San José as the most attractive destination for outsourced services in the Americas, surpassing other major cities in competing countries including: Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Santiago, Montevideo, among others. Only four countries (India, Philippines, Poland and China) have cities with better rating than Costa Rica.

Globally, San Jose climbed two positions currently occupying 11th place in the world, beating out competitors like Dublin, Prague, Colombo, and Shenzhen, while closely trailing the industry veteran destinations: Bangalore, Manila and Shanghai.

"The excellence of our human talent, one of the main components of our value proposition continues to distinguish us among the first in the world and allows us to generate higher quality jobs for Costa Ricans. We must, however, remain vigilant and active to ensure that the necessary conditions so that companies can continue to grow and develop successfully in the country, maintain and improve every day" said Minister of Foreign Trade, Alexander Mora.

More than 150 multinational companies (including IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Intel) help represent Costa Rica’s service sector, sustaining more than 50,000 Costa Rican employees according to CINDE.

Tholons is a leading full-service Strategic Advisory firm for Global Outsourcing and Investments.

Rein Petersen is a software engineer and architect with over 20 years of professional experience. Rein is also the Managing Partner for Excel Softsources' Peru office

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