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In addition to our head office in Utah, Excel SoftSources maintains innovative Development Centers in Costa Rica and Peru.

Culturally, economically, and politically these two countries are amongst the most stable and western-ized countries within Latin America.

Costa Rica's Advantage

Costa Rica

There are over 300 American multinational companies in Costa Rica today, and many have been locating larger manufacturing and distribution facilities here. Companies are drawn to Costa Rica by the investment friendly policies of the government, along with the prolonged political stability of the country.

Financial securities and tax laws in Costa Rica make it one of the safest countries for investment in Latin America. This investment friendly environment along with the availability of a highly educated and skilled workforce provides a favorable environment for business investment. The ability to significantly reduce operating costs while producing the same quality of goods and services makes a good business case for Costa Rica as a location to relocate or expand business operations.

Free Trade Agreements between the U.S. and Costa Rica have stimulated the local education system to develop a strong emphasis on English as a second language. For this reason, companies such as Intel, Acer, Microsoft, Motorola, Lucent Technologies, Cisco Systems, Unisys, Oracle, BasF, 3M, 3Comm, have been establishing long term training agreements with local public and private universities and are currently making substantial investments in the Costa Rican educational system and technology sector.

Easy direct flights from the U.S. simplify quick visits - Juan Santa María (SJO) has daily direct flights from eight major North American airports and within two to five hours travel time from most cities. Compare that to most Eastern or Asian offshore locations with multiple connections and more than 14 hours, or India which takes a full day, and you'll see a distinct advantage.

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  • Peru's Advantage

    Like Costa Rica, Peru has been the focus of foreign investment for many years and is one of the few countries in the world that continued notable growth despite the last recession. Huge mining and petroleum operations bring large global corporations and banks from all over the world to conduct business in Lima, Peru's capital city, where education and language has advanced to support their operations. In Lima you will find most educated people speak English.

    Lima, Peru is a world-class city. With modern skyscrapers filling the skyline and heavy western influence, it is hard to imagine that Peru is still a developing nation while standing in the "city of kings". Despite it's modern advancement, Peruvian wages are very low and qualified and experienced developers are paid 20% less than Costa Rica allowing us to drive your costs even lower - nearly at par with Asian and Indian outsourced resources.

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