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Mobile Testing Services

Ensure the Efficiency of Your Mobile Products

The demand for mobility testing is rising. What’s driving this?

According to IDC, it’s a complex combination of factors – application architecture and interface, mobile OSs, form factors and network layers. Enterprises are struggling not only to meet the demand for enterprise mobility but also need to ensure that those solutions work efficiently and securely. This is why leading mobile solutions companies leverage Excel SoftSources’ extensive and deep experience providing mobile testing outsourcing services.

Client challenges: how do I…

  • Keep pace with my organization’s need for enterprise mobility solutions?
  • Extend my capacity to do mobility testing to support those solutions?
  • Use automated test frameworks to make test cycles faster and more reliable?
  • Partner with third parties to capitalize on Near-Shore agility and benefits?
  • Ensure the best user experience and guarantee data integrity and security?
  • Perform effective and deep testing of all of the system’s layers, not just the mobile user interface?

Excel SoftSources Provides:

  • Test strategy
  • Application testing
  • Device testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing
  • Cloud-based testing
  • Automation testing
  • Test data management
  • Development outsourcing
  • Quality assurance (mobile QA) outsourcing services


  • Apple™ iPhone™ and iPad™
  • Google™ Android™
  • Microsoft Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile™
  • RIM Blackberry™
  • Java™ Mobile Edition (JME)

The Excel Advantage:

  • Expertise in testing multiple mobile operating platforms
  • Agile-aligned mobile application testing
  • Automation testing

Why Excel SoftSources?

  • Agile QA – automated testing coupled with manual testing to align with Agile.
  • Access to, and expertise in, a wide array of open source and proprietary mobility testing tools.
  • Ease of doing business – Shared time zones make it easy for you to collaborate with your extended team.