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Keeping good resources is always preferable and less expensive than hiring new resources. We strive to find the right people for your projects, which reduces turnover and increases the return on your investment.
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We offer the convenience and security of working with a reliable U.S. company, plus the benefits of a highly affordable Near-Shore development team.
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We specialize in assembling and managing dedicated teams of highly skilled technical professionals to augment your in-house resources - or - to build and operate entire projects.
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We are flexible and work with customers to plan projects and define a convenient methodology, using either Agile (Sprint and Scrum) or Waterfall Software production approaches.
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We strive to become the services provider of choice for Near-Shoring and outsourcing to Costa Rica. We aim to achieve the highest standards of excellence and customer satisfaction.
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We're your affordable, real-time, nearshore team

We are passionate and dedicated technology professionals, partnering with innovative and growing companies. What can we do for you?

Specialized custom application development services in technology areas, such as Microsoft .NET, J2EE, PHP, Mobile development, etc. These services can assist companies in their quest to expand development capacity, accelerate time-to-market and build flexible distributed delivery models to negotiate risk.
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Software Quality is one of the most crucial factors determining the success or failure of a business. Faulty software can seriously affect the business in terms of Cost and Efficiency, as there is considerable expenditure of time and money involved in fixing errors which will lead to downtime, frustration and lost revenue.
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At Excel SoftSources we understand the challenges associated with Product Development. Over the past 12 years Excel SoftSources has executed a number product development contracts successfully. Our experienced teams have developed processes and methodologies to deliver successful products despite the inevitable obstacles.
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Excel SoftSources works as integration and migration specialists that can take care of cross-platform compatibility challenges, while companies stay focused on product innovation. Excel SoftSources has specialized skills in this domain and has enabled several technology companies achieve cross-platform compatility.
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