Near-Shore Staff Augmentation
Geographic proximity and shared time zones provide collaboration during normal business hours.
We'll work with you to build a team with the right level of education and experience.
Our employees are hand-picked for specific clients and work full-time on their projects.

We are trusted by well-known companies

We provide development teams to several large well-known companies and have for many years. We also work with mid-sized technology companies who are bringing innovative solutions to their customers.
Since 2005 we have helped our clients build successful nearshore development teams in Costa Rica and Peru. We continually strive to improve our service to our clients and environment for our employees.

Years of experience building teams

Excel SoftSources has access to the best IT professionals within an extensive talent pool because of our local reputation since 2005. We have strong relationships with business and universities. We attract top talent because of our stability, culture, full employment model and excellent employee benefits.

The real story behind your application

Building and maintaining technology takes a team of experienced and dedicated people with passion and a common vision. We understand how to build and manage teams that collaborate with our clients and achieve success. We work hard to make it simple.

Looking for experienced and affordable professionals?