We choose only the best!

  • We only want to choose the best which is why each developer is put through rigorous screening tests before being added to our development teams.

  • Developer are mentored by both our team leads and senior management.

  • Quality matters! Senior developers have 7+ years experience and are above the global average in technical skills.

  • Senior managers have 10+ years of experience in full life-cycle software implementation. They are responsible for managing the scope, quality, timeline and resources for each project as well as maintain our client relationships.

If your looking for a flexible development process, agile development would be an idea choice. It allows for your team to be responsive to changing market conditions and accelerates your time to market. Both key in a fast changing tech world.

Communication is the single most important tool needed for a successful development team. With Excel SoftSources your Costa Rica based team can participate in daily stand-ups, planning meetings or an impromptu call for real-time collaboration.

Costa Rica is one of the most bilingual countries within Latin America, boasting a 97.98% literacy rate. Additionally, Costa Rica is dedicated to teaching science and technology which gives our employees a technology foundation at a young age. The tech community also pursues certifications that are valuable to North American businesses, such as PMP, Six Sigma, ITIL and more.

Similar to what you would find in Silicon Valley, Costa Rica has a strong community of software developers. The vibrant and innovative software culture is drawing more companies to have development resources in Costa Rica.

Not only is Costa Rica in American time zones, Costa Rica is one of the most politically and economically stable countries in Central America. Our stability and peacefulness attracts international praise and visitors. So, visiting your team is a perk of working with us in Costa Rica.

Strong Leadership Starts from the Top

We believe its important to provide our development teams with strong leadership both in the U.S and Costa Rica in order for them to be successful. That’s why we pride ourselves on attracting a strong leadership team that is committed to providing our clients with quality products at affordable costs.

Jeff Myhre


Jeff is CEO at Excel SoftSources. He is focused on helping our clients achieve their business goals by matching them with exceptional people who build and manage quality software products. Jeff has over 20 years of technology program management, employee and workforce development experience. Jeff focuses on hiring top talent and ensuring alignment with our client’s goals.

Kirk Holcomb


As a seasoned business entrepreneur, Kirk has an extensive background in business with both Latin America and the United States. He has been living and traveling to Costa Rica for over 25 years. After working 15 plus years in U.S.-based IT staffing and consulting, Kirk combined his staffing experience with his knowledge of Costa Rica and founded Excel SoftSources in 2006. Since then Excel has grown into one of the premier Near-Shore IT providers in Latin America.

Alexandra Araya

Director of Operations

Alexandra is in charge of finance and HR for near-shore development teams at Excel SoftSources. She has been a strong manager at Excel SoftSources for more than 12 years. With over 20 years of experience in accounting and HR, she is an important member of the Excel SoftSources leadership team. Alexandra’s main focus is on employee development, retention and financial responsibility. Alex coordinates many of the activities that make Excel SoftSources a fun place to work.

Aaron Acuña

Office Manager

Aaron is our Senior Recruiter and Office Manager. Aaron oversees our Costa Rica development center’s day-to-day operations. Aaron has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and an associate degree in web development. He has over 16 years of work experience in IT recruitment in Latin America, the United States and Europe. Aaron has been an important member of Excel SoftSources since 2012 searching, interviewing and hiring employees in Costa Rica. If he’s not in his office, Aaron is likely planning a BBQ, at a soccer game or practicing his tennis skills.

Jorge Murillo

Technical General Manager

Jorge is a senior software solutions architect with extensive experience helping companies build and maintain their software systems. Jorge came to Excel SoftSources in 2006 with 10 years of experience in software development. He is now a team lead, contributing to the success of one of our long-term clients. In addition to his team lead role, Jorge is our Technical General Manager and oversees secure connectivity with client development environments. Jorge is a well-respected and trusted member of the Excel SoftSources family.


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