Excel SoftSources operates within a shared time zone. Making communication a top priority.


If managing your project’s success is important to you, then consistent communication is imperative. The benefits of rapid Agile programming are lost without ongoing input from the stakeholders. By fostering an environment built around team communication we build strong relationships with our clients, encourage innovation and ensure transparency throughout our projects.


Offshore outsourcing, which often spans time zones around the world, makes effective communication near impossible. The solution… a shared time zone!!! Don’t waste your time with offshore resourcing which include late night phone calls, language barriers, culture discrepancies and constant frustration. Try near-shore with Excel SoftSources. We offer all the cost benefits of an offshore company without the hassle.


Excel SoftSources engineers remain in constant contact with you throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Our head office is based in the heart of Minnesota with offshore development centers residing in Costa Rica and Peru. Geographic proximity and shared time zones provide North American companies with real-time face-to-face interaction. We train our teams in agile software development, allowing you to quickly and effectively manage even complex projects remotely.


We want our team to feel like your team – Jeff Myhre, CEO of Excel SoftSources

A shared time zone allows our teams to participate in conference calls, instant messaging chats, Skype chat, video conferences, Google+ hangouts and more. Allowing you real-time coordination as if they were right in your office. You can even visit us in Costa Rica in person, flight times are less than four hours.