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Are You Working with the Right Development Company?

In our growing global world it’s becoming increasingly important to have a strong online presence.  As more development companies become available it’s  harder to choose the right company for your business.

Here are traits to look for in a successful software development team:

Communication – One of the biggest benefits to working with an in-house development team is that you have the benefits of a similar culture and capability to build strong communication channels. Offshore teams usually require late night calls, inefficient communication and sometimes a translator to help with developer communication, which lead to delays. Cultural differences also lead to communication challenges or misunderstandings.  Near-Shore development teams such as Excel SoftSources can provide the cost benefits of an offshore team without the hassle of communication barriers, cultural differences and time zone discrepancies.

Technology – In order to be successful, all developers should have the appropriate hardware, software and internet speed. Due to strict government restrictions, some companies (most commonly found in China) are required to have additional layers of firewalls. Extra firewalls often slows internet connections significantly as information works to pass through, resulting in lost time and productivity.

MethodologyAgile project management is the cutting edge methodology to use with your development company.  However, if that doesn’t make sense for your company, don’t be afraid to seek out other methods. Work with a company who is flexible in allowing you to customize the workflow so that it works for your team. This will provide the best vendor/client relationship as well as clear expectations for communication.

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Transparency -Transparency goes hand-in-hand with great communication. Both are required to promote an environment of accountability. By being transparent you have provided the stepping stones for your team to operate with integrity, honesty and professionalism.  Excel SoftSources prides itself on transparency being one of the key foundations of its company. We believe that transparency helps us build long lasting client relationships.

Excel SoftSources is the perfect fit! Our goals and values align with all traits you need to have a successful vendor relationship. Reach out to us today to discuss how we can benefit your company.


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