What You Should Know About ASP.NET Core Development
ASP.NET Core Development

If you want your company to have a web app on the .NET platform, then you either need to learn how to program within the framework yourself – or hire an ASP.NET core development company to do the work for you. What is ASP.NET Core? It is ASP.NET  in an open-source version. You can run […]

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Staff Augmentation Services
Best Staff Augmentation Services

If you have recently heard of the term “staff augmentation” you are probably interested in learning what this encompasses and whether or not it can be beneficial for your company. First off, staff augmentation is an outsourcing modality that has the objective of providing your company with the human resources (usually in IT areas) needed […]

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Hiring the Best Offshore Web Developers
Hire Web Developers Costa Rica

Offshoring web developers and other experts in the IT field is becoming a more and more common practice for North American companies. Why? Paying people on a contract basis inside the United States and Canada is almost as expensive as hiring them full-time because the hourly rates basically charge the company for the contractor’s costs […]

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Costa Rica: Hot Spot for Software Developers
Costa Rica Software Development

If your company is ready to bring in a software developer on a contract basis, you may have looked around the U.S. and Canadian contractor markets and noticed something a bit worrisome – the high per-hour rates that you would have to pay. Many contractors in those countries have set their hourly rates high enough […]

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Why Costa Rica Offshore Software Development?
Offshore Software Development Benefits

For most businesses every full-time employee represents a significant investment. Full-time employment including benefits include costs that will take away from your bottom line. While it is smart to invest in full-time employees to work with marketing, operations, and customers, you can save real money and get experienced talent by having some contract developers on […]

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WordPress E-commerce Development
WordPress E-commerce Development

WordPress e-commerce development is one of the most sought out services today by companies of all sizes. Selling online through your own online store has become a necessity for most commercial businesses and WordPress as a content management system has become a popular platform due to its simplicity and flexibility. Online shopping has been growing […]

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Put Angular Web Applications to Work for Your Business
Angular Web Applications Development

Quite a few frameworks for web app development have taken several existing tools and blended them together. Angular web application development represents the next step forward in development frameworks, with utility for building web applications for mobile and desktop use. It was originally designed to make front-end development simpler. Angular is the TypeScript-based framework for […]

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The Key to Distributed Agile Success
Agile Software Development

 Managing a distributed team can have many benefits, but there are often obstacles that need to be overcome in order to reach success. Here are some common downfalls and solutions to help you have a successful distributed agile team. There are many reasons a company may choose to have a distributed agile team: ∙  Lack […]

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Costa Rica: The Next Great Country for Outsourcing Services
Outsourcing Services Costa Rica

Costa Rica has long had a reputation as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. However, one thing that businesses in North America are learning is that when it comes to outsourcing services Costa Rica is an ideal location. When it comes to outsourcing professional, administrative, and software development services, countries such as […]

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Boost Your Web Presence with PHP Development Services
PHP Web Development Service

What is PHP? It’s an open-source language that programmers use, and it runs the vast majority of what you see on the Internet. If you use Facebook, Wikipedia, Slack, Wickr, or similar apps, all of that code is written in PHP. So are many of the other web services that you see, including content management […]

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