IT Solutions Provider Costa Rica
IT Solutions Provider Costa RIca

Technology is a very important part of almost all businesses these days, and some industries and services actually depend on it and require constant innovation of their technological platforms; however, maintaining an IT department is expensive, perhaps, when a company gives its firsts steps a small one or two-men team is sufficient, but as the […]

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Why Should You Outsource Your Database Development?
Outsource Database Development

People have been outsourcing work for as long as humanity has had the efficiency in place to consider tasks beyond the one immediately at hand. It is as old as the ancient farmer dividing tasks among his family members, and it is as new as a business owner swamped with many more tasks than she […]

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Why Should You Use a Content Management System?
CMS Development Service

A content management system, or CMS, means that you do not have to worry about recoding your site every time you want to make updates. If your business has a website, then you either have a static page, which means that you have to go in and use web programming to make updates, or you […]

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How to Choose the Right Partner to Develop Your App
App Development Company

If you want your mobile app to become the next big trend, the first step that you need to take is choosing the right company to help you with developing it. You’ll want to look at a number of factors when making this decision, such as the past apps the company has developed, that company’s […]

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A Beginners Guide to Distributed Agile
Distributed Agile

Company mergers and consolidations, geographic expansion, and offshoring have made distributed agile development the norm rather than the exception.

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Why You Need to Invest in DevOps

s, traditionally used within an agile software development environment, was created as a way to increase the speed and quality at which code can be deployed. As more companies have adopted the agile philosophy, so has the need for a more holistic approach to end-to-end software delivery life-cycles.

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How any business can benefit from IoT development
iOT technology

Let’s start with what is IoT? The internet of things better known as IoT refers to a set of internet-connected devices that can collect and share data. IoT is  currently one of the fastest growing technologies today. You may not even realize that you have already started taking advantage of this technology when you use […]

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Signs of Job Burnout
job burnout

Millions of Americans are currently experiencing job burnout. Left unchecked burnout can affect your health, happiness, relationships, and job performance.

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How to Have a Meeting People Actually Want to Go To

We have all been to meetings that leave you feeling like nothing was accomplished and your time could have been better spent elsewhere. When you look around the room and see that no one is engaged in the conversation but instead focused on writing up emails or browsing the internet.  So how can you avoid […]

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5 Types of Thinkers Your Team Needs
Team Thinkers

The topic of diversity has been in the forefront for years with hiring managers across all industries. In the past, the focus primarily revolved around gender, race and age of prospective employees. Now a new category is coming to the forefront. Thinking Types.  Adding a wide range of thinking styles to your team can help […]

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