The Top Advantages of Using Java Applications
Java Development Outsourcing

If the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the word “Java” is a cool synonym for coffee, you’re not wrong – but you definitely are behind the curve when it comes to web development software. Java is a programming language that was created in 1991 by a team of developers at […]

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Understanding Blockchain Development
Blockchain Development-Company

If you’ve spent any time at all reading about cryptocurrency, you know that blockchain technology is an important part of the system. However, Bitcoin and the other currencies that have arisen out of this form of technology is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to understand what blockchain is and how you […]

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How to Choose a DevOps Service Provider
DevOps Service Providers

Even if your company has a top-notch group of engineers and an in-house IT team, that may not be enough to ensure to seamlessly deliver your products and services to your clients and customers. Without the proper infrastructure, the entire process can fold like a deck of cards. This is where a DevOps team can […]

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How these Companies are Revolutionizing their Business with IoT Development
IoT development

IoT development is leading the way in revolutionary technology. Companies are developing new and exciting services for their clients.

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What is Edge Computing?

Most companies operate with traditional cloud networks, which are highly centralized. Data is gathered and transmitted back to the main servers for processing. As more devices become capable of connecting over Wi-Fi they are limited by their traditional hardware capabilities.

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Why We Need More Women in Technology

As a fellow women in technology, it’s no surprise to me that we are lacking representation in the technology industry. At previous jobs, I would look around the room and be the only female in attendance. Women today only occupy 25% of the current STEM jobs available. So why is it so important to have […]

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Top 10 Software Development Trends
Technology Trends

The technology for software development is ever changing. Which is why it’s more important than ever to stay informed on the latest development trends. Are you using any of the top 10 current trends in software development? Progressive Web Apps – Essentially, a mobile app that can run on any web platform and does not […]

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