Near-Shore Staff Augmentation

Cutting Edge Talent and Training

Strong Know-How

Strong Know-How

In addition to competitive salaries, employee continuity is the most important factor cited by our clients.

Our North American client base has extensive experience with outsourcing IT services from a variety of service providers from Asia, Eastern Europe and LATAM.

Trusted advisors

Clients value the process Excel SoftSource follows to build teams and transition from underperforming vendors. Keeping focused on business goals and timelines are key for Excel SoftSources client managers. There is a right time and a wrong time to make transitions. Knowing when to add resources and scale the teams are best practices learned over years of client partnerships.

Access to talent

Excel SoftSources has access to the best IT professionals within an extensive talent pool because of our local reputation since 2005. We have working relationships with major universities and institutions, both public and private. We attract top talent because of market size, full employment model and excellent employee benefits.

Employee retention program

We focus on minimizing employee turnover through solid professional development programs and attain performance excellence with fine-tuned methodologies and regular staff training. In addition to training and a positive work environment, our employees enjoy quarterly events in Costa Rica.

Top-rated performance

Excel SoftSources has a strong history of client and employee success. The reason why we are in the top tier of our market, and mastering such a wide range of technologies and business processes, is that behind every new line of service or new business effort, lies the talent of a group of people who have the trust and the support of the company.

Looking forward

We have a corporate vision and a well-drafted action plan for the future, both of which are constantly enriched by our people’s ambition to reach new heights.

Partner with a market leader in nearshore software development.

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