Our developers at Excel SoftSources understand the unique challenges facing today’s media companies. Online media has expanded into numerous industries and business models, each with challenging customer expectations. Media and entertainment companies must stay current with the latest technology to remain ahead of competitors.

Media and Entertainment IT Services

Every company has unique media & entertainment software development needs. These are just some of the media software development services our team provides:

  • Online video and audio streaming platform development
  • Livestreaming technology, including virtual rooms, podcasts and custom analytics
  • Customized content management system (CMS) implementations
  • Cloud storage and other cloud media services
  • Optimization and custom analytics tools for media ad sales
  • Social media platform development

Digital Publishing

Your digital publishing needs will include integrating custom features with popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, or a customized CMS to suit your specific needs. We’re here to help you manage your text, video content, images, and other media, including:

  • Website or platform design
  • Creation
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Content publishing
  • Maintenance and upgrades

Media & Entertainment Software Development

Excel SoftSources develops tools, sites, and platforms for clients needing integration for cloud-based media streaming and storage, live or on-demand audio and video, back-end metrics, analytics, and eCommerce.

Companies must remain current with their customers’ high expectations, ensuring their site serves media quickly and reliably. Media must always be compatible for playback on every user’s mobile device, desktop, and smart TV.

Why Should You Use Nearshore Outsourcing for Your Media Software Development Needs?

Excel SoftSources is your long-term software development partner, delivering our technical expertise to your specific needs. Our Agile development process means we’re ready to code, test, and deploy rapidly at every design stage.

With our strategic location in Costa Rica, our team aligns to US time zones: We’ll sync with your development schedule at every stage—from design to deployment. You’ll enjoy the cost-savings of outsourcing without the complications. Our team speaks fluent English and provides zero-compromise development services.

Media and Entertainment IT Services with a Personal Touch

Whether you need a development partner for an online news portal or for building out a full streaming service, Excel SoftSources is ready to serve your needs with long-term staff augmentation.

From automating analytics to customer subscriptions and cloud-based solutions to custom digital publishing—your media software development projects deserve the diligent attention of the best talents.


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