Excel SoftSources strives to develop long-term and synergistic relationships with clients and thus offers four major pricing models.

Each different pricing model is designed to provide specific benefits to address unique partner requirements.



Is suitable for projects where the scope is completely defined or the client follows an agile methodology and experienced technical professionals are needed to build and test requirements. Typically, this model is managed by the client and our employees work full-time alongside the internal team. As more tasks are required, our clients choose to add a nearshore or onshore resource. In this case, project risk is shared by Excel and the client. Basic expenses such as workstations and communications are included

Fixed Price

Are beneficial when the project scope is well-defined and requirements are well-documented and understood by both on-shore and Near-Shore teams. In this case, Excel provides an upfront estimation of the cost to deliver software and assumes risk for performance.


Are applicable when a certain portion of the project has a well-defined scope and requirements, however, some aspects of the project are still being determined. In this case, Excel performs an estimate and provides a Fixed Price Proposal on the applicable software. Staff augmentation resources can be added, if necessary, to complete additional tasks as the products grow and need scale.

Managed Service

Reduce project ownership and lower project risk. Excel will bill a fixed monthly fee augmented with awards and penalties based on service level agreements. Software product is developed by Excel. All resources required to build and support the applications are staffed by Excel. Startups and smaller companies use this model to scale their product while focusing on running their business. Managed Service Contracts are pure-play outsourcing agreements. This comprehensive approach provides the lowest total cost of ownership to the customer.