What Is Cloud Migration?

Migrating your operation to the cloud can improve your processing power while you build up a robust new level of security.

When you transfer all of your processes to a highly optimized cloud server system, your teams continue to work collaboratively with centralized data and administrative controls, but your information is no longer localized on personal servers that can be more easily compromised.

Your cloud server host becomes your partner in upgrading and optimizing processing and storage while either sharing in the responsibility of an added layer of security protections or bearing that sole responsibility.

What Is DevOps?

DevOps has become synonymous with cutting-edge development processes that free specialized teams from the siloed effect of antiquated coding practices.

Today’s fastest, most efficient, and most secure DevOps teams, like our experts at Excel SoftSources, operate using Agile methodology. This results in:

  • Continuous team communication
  • Sharing a central repository of project progress and resources
  • Continuous deployment
  • Communication with clients on daily progress

Development engineers participate together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through all stages of production.

What Are the Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud?

Cloud data and computing migration provides you with the structural shift from your on-location servers to those residing in the cloud, so you can gain the following advantages.

What are DevOps Practices?

DevOps uses Agile methodology to replace the limitations of partitioned development teams that used to pass development on from one group to the next. When combined with the power of your centralized cloud computing servers, you’ll see numerous optimizations immediately.

The following are some improvements that come with cloud migration and DevOps.

Industry tools we use:

  • Ansible

  • Chef

  • Puppet

  • Jenkins

  • Gradle

  • Git

  • Bamboo

  • Docker

  • Nagios

  • Raygun

How Can DevOps and Cloud Migration Help Your Business?

The following are some of the main benefits you’ll enjoy when partnering with Excel SoftSources for your cloud migration and DevOps projects.

By being able to deploy more frequently, you are also speeding up recovery times, lowering change failure rates, and getting products out to customers quicker.

Excel SoftSources can manage all your cloud migration and installation services, so you can remain focused on your tasks at hand.

The longer it takes to fix a problem, the more money your company loses. When you solve problems more rapidly, you get back on track sooner.

When you streamline processes, produce more stable builds, and release new products efficiently, you give your employees more time for innovation. This leads to increased employee satisfaction and retention rates.

When your employees work together closely, you can deploy new processes, systems, and applications more rapidly.

Customers expect 24/7 availability. Any downtime in your product can result in lost revenue, diminished brand loyalty, and decreased customer satisfaction. DevOps principles ensure everything is monitored and everyone understands how each release impacts quality.

Cloud and DevOps with Excel SoftSources

Let us help provide your team with the tools and expertise you need. Excel SoftSources can improve collaboration, retention, and customer satisfaction while reducing production downtime and product disruptions.

DevOps and Cloud computing mean you’re ready to scale at the pace of the market.

Build a software development partnership that’s prepared for the future. When you look to Excel SoftSources for your cloud migration and DevOps needs, you’ll upgrade time management. The end result? Maximizing your employees’ time, reducing costly human errors, and empowering you to focus on delivering products to your clients faster—and more often.

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We build long-term development partnerships with teams like yours that need talent that can manage the most challenging schedules and project difficulties.


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