Choosing to migrate to the cloud is a major step for any organization. Learn how cloud migration services can save your company time and money and how Excel SoftSources can take care of the entire process for you.

What Is Cloud Migration?

Cloud data migration is the process of transferring some or all of your organization’s digital processes to the cloud. Rather than running on local hardware and servers, the cloud, and cloud computing, are run entirely through the internet.

What Are the Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud?

The biggest benefit of cloud data migration is the structural shift it provides your organization. Rather than being stuck to your office and having all information secure on your local server, the cloud provides you:

  • Increased workplace flexibility – Once in the cloud, anyone with valid login credentials can access the digital workplace. This improves access to all of your employees, even if they work remotely.
  • Better and more expansive storage options – Physical storage limitations do not restrict the cloud, and it’s continually growing. Current estimations guess there is one exabyte worth of information stored on the cloud. You can easily purchase and expand your storage whenever you reach capacity without installing new hardware. However, you can easily overspend if you don’t set up your cloud infrastructure and storage properly.
  • Simplified integration with other applications and programs – Once you have used a cloud migration system and migrated your processes to the cloud, you can easily integrate any cloud-based application or software.
  • Disaster recovery security – Fires, floods, earthquakes, or any other disaster that would normally put your hardware at risk, are no longer an issue with a cloud-based solution.
  • Better scalability – As your company grows, your cloud grows with you. The cloud can quickly keep up with rapid growth and success.
  • Reduced costs – Cloud-based systems are cheaper to operate, manage, and maintain than hardware solutions. However, you need to pay attention to how much bandwidth your applications consume and optimize performance and cost.

How Can Excel SoftSources Help with Cloud Migration?

Excel SoftSources’ cloud migration services take responsibility for each step in your organization’s migration, so you don’t have to.

Migration can be a major time investment to do yourself, or you can choose Excel SoftSources. We have the tools for cloud migration to streamline the entire process. Let’s work together.

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