Kubernetes, also known as Kube or K8s, draws on over 15 years of Google’s experience to create a reliable and robust development infrastructure. The cloud-native Kubernetes is the leading container orchestration product that helps make designing and developing cloud-based applications easy.

Find out more about how Kubernetes makes it easy to manage and maintain cloud-native projects.

What Is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a cloud-native open-source software that helps developers deploy, manage, and scale containers.

Containers are becoming widely used in application development. They are independent sections of code that allow the software to run in any environment. This makes completing complex projects more manageable and helps when troubleshooting or patching because the issue can be traced back to an individual container and then fixed without affecting the other containers.

An application that uses a few containers is like a small team of experts working together. Mostly, they work as they were designed and can complete the tasks assigned to them. However, with more complex applications, the number of containers increases, and managing them can feel like trying to get anything done on a playground during grade school recess—things are happening, but it isn’t optimized or efficient.

That’s where Kubernetes helps. Kubernetes acts like a drill sergeant of the containers. It organizes and structures the containers, ensuring they are functioning correctly and interacting with each other as they should.

What Is Cloud-Native Infrastructure?

Cloud-native infrastructure is the foundation that allows applications to function on the cloud.

Infrastructure in code is like the foundation of a home, which provides a solid footing for essentials like plumbing, electrical, and walls. For cloud-native software, infrastructure means specific services and tools for creating cloud-based applications.

Kubernetes Provides Cloud-Native Infrastructure

Kubernetes is the leader in cloud-native infrastructure because it provides a reliable and stable infrastructure but goes one step further than other infrastructures and offers organizational management and conducting tools. These features together mean developers have the tools they need to create cloud-based applications and the built-in management tools to manage the containers and optimize performance.

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