Nearshore software development is a great way to help make current employees’ jobs easier by allowing them focus on the success of their projects and providing them with the extra resources and tools they need to achieve it. 

What is nearshoring? It means adding members to your team from a nearby country—one in your own time zone or close to it, with a similar culture, and with residents that speak your language well. By augmenting your software team, your existing team’s goals can be reached more quickly and on time.

In fact, here are five reasons why nearshore or offshore software development outsourcing could be right for your company:

1. Connections to Top Talent

You might not always find an employee with the right skills or background experience in your own neighborhood, no matter how much you interview. Outsourcing in Latin America lets you collaborate with experienced individuals living and working in your same time zone, and today’s technology makes it easy.

2. Saving Time for Creativity

As a company grows, time is a major factor that can slow that growth and limit success. You got your start by putting in the hours to come up with something special: a certain type of product, a twist on an idea, or your flair for design. 

To keep growing, your workers need to put the same amount of time into innovation today as they did when you were founded while still keeping up with day-to-day operations. Offshore software development shifts execution-related tasks to a low-cost, dedicated team, letting your own specialists focus on the big ideas that define you.

When a new product is finished, the operational work to support it and maintain it can be handled by a nearshore software development firm, leaving your rock-star devs to move on to your next critical innovation project

3. Ease of Hiring

A good nearshore partner who knows what you need and knows the local market can take on the task of sifting resumes and interviewing prospective hires, allowing you to quickly bring on an outside contractor with the right skills for your current project. This method of software development team augmentation saves weeks of effort on each hire.

4. Cost Savings

You can save money by having workers in Latin America where the workers are well-educated yet have lower living costs and salaries than in North America. Saving money doesn’t mean getting the lowest prices possible. It means paying a fair rate and maintaining the same quality of product that you and your customers expect.

5. Strategic IT Outsourcing

As your business grows, you need to make smart investments into products that sell. You need to keep your expenses low and continue growing your revenue. Outsourcing can help inasmuch as software is developed with a sound application of agile methodologies. You can no longer outsource projects overseas and have some other team building your products. You need experienced engineers working collaboratively with product managers and business managers during regular business hours. Augmenting your software engineering team with nearshore developers is a strategic and low risk business decision. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Nearshore Software Development

Are you interested in the possibilities listed above? If you want to save time and money while working with top talent, contact Excel SoftSources. We have experienced and highly-educated IT professionals in nearshore locations ready to work on your next important project. Connect with us today to discuss how nearshore-managed IT resources can accelerate your product and business goals.

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