Nearshore software development outsourcing is when a company chooses to outsource the development of a project to a country adjacent to or near its own. For example, a business in the United States would use nearshore development if they were partnering with a team in Canada or Latin America.

What Are the Benefits of Nearshore Development?

Nearshore development provides the chance for real-time collaboration and accessible lines of communication. Because nearshore developers often live in a similar time zone and often share the same language, fewer communication barriers exist, allowing for more collaboration. Rather than waiting until 10 PM to meet with a team and hope they understand the business requirements, you can meet and collaborate during your regular business hours.

Efficient communication during regular business hours gives your team better access and control of the project throughout all stages of development. You can provide feedback and see changes immediately rather than waiting for days.

Nearshore development also provides the cost-saving features of outsourcing. Nearshore developers can provide lower costs while still offering professional-grade work. If you need to visit your developer, you won’t have to fly around the world to see your team. With your team close by, you significantly reduce some of the hidden costs of travel involved with outsourcing.

With nearshore development, you can access more professionals. If you only hire locally, you limit yourself to the skills and talents within a limited distance from your company. With nearshore development, you can connect with a much larger talent pool of experienced professionals with the specific knowledge and skills you seek. Rather than settling for what’s available, nearshore development allows you to find the perfect fit for your project.

Engaging with nearshore developers is easy because they share a similar culture, mindset, and language. Nearshore developers are highly engaged and proficient, allowing you to work with them directly on your project to ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the entire process.

Finally, nearshore development makes integration easy. If you have an existing team that needs extra help, nearshore developers can easily integrate with your current processes and help where needed. Because we’re in a similar time zone, communication is fluid throughout the development process. Our nearshore developers want to be a natural part of your team.

What Is Agile Nearshore Software Development?

Agile software development is flexible. Traditional linear-based development says early steps must be perfect before moving on. Agile development is more fluid, allowing multiple stages to be worked on and perfected simultaneously with continual feedback loops for revisions. Quick and constant feedback makes agile nearshore software development outsourcing possible.

You’ll find that agile nearshore software development is ideal for producing a final product; it’s faster and without as much red tape. The process is also flexible enough to make revisions at any point in the developmental cycle.

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