DevOps, traditionally used within an agile software development environment, was created as a way to increase the speed and quality at which code can be deployed. As more companies have adopted the agile philosophy, so has the need for a more holistic approach to end-to-end software delivery life-cycles.

What is DevOps?

The term DevOps is a type of agile relationship between development and IT operations. The goal being to improve the relationship between the two groups through communication and collaboration. Both groups in previous business models have operated within a silo, operating as individual entities instead of one cohesive business unit. By adopting a DevOps culture, you are partnering operations and development to achieve optimal software integration with reduced downtime and increased platform stability. DevOps can help you to deploy features quicker, with reduced disruptions and better monitoring in order to resolve production issues as soon as possible.

Why add a new group to an already functioning department?

Let’s say you have several groups within your company, each functioning independently. You have BA’s gathering requirements, software developers writing code, a QA team testing upcoming software releases and operations deploying said releases. Sounds like it works smoothly, right?


  • Your dev team is unaware of QA and Operations roadblocks that may prevent them from reaching deadlines.
  • QA and Operations are working across many features and have little context into the business purpose or value of the software.
  • Each group has conflicting goals that can lead to inefficiency and finger pointing when something goes wrong.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? DevOps can help resolves all of these common issues that businesses across all industry are experiencing.

Still not sold on the benefits?

Here are some examples of how DevOps can help your business:

Better customer service – By being able to increase the frequency of deployments you are also increasing recovery times, lowering change failure rates and getting products out to customers quicker. Resulting in over all improvement in customer service.

Solve problems faster – The longer it takes to fix a problem, the more money your company is loosing. When you are able to solve problems more rapidly, you can get back on track sooner.

More time for innovation – When you can streamline processes, produce more stable builds and release new products more efficiently you give your employees more time for innovation. Which in turn means increased employee satisfaction and retention rates.

Faster time-to-market – When your employees are working together more closely you are able to deploy new processes, systems and applications more rapidly.

Stability – Customers expect 24/7 availability. Any downtime in your product can result in loss of revenue, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. DevOps principles ensure everything is monitored, every change is known and everyone understands how each release impacts quality.

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