Are you interested in outsourcing your software development needs? You aren’t alone. Outsourcing development is common – and in some cases necessary – if you want to keep your projects on track and your business running smoothly.

How exactly do you find a software outsourcing company that meets your highly-specific needs? Here are four qualities every qualified outsourced development team should embody.


Cost is often a leading factor when development teams choose to outsource projects or search for staff augmentation providers. Both of those options provide significant savings compared to bringing a new full-time hire on board.

The best way to find cost-effective software developers is to choose nearshore or offshore developers. Nearshore developers are located near the United States and in similar time zones, offering comparable talent at more affordable rates.

Offshore developers also provide cost savings, but they may not present the same quality of development and are often difficult to communicate with on a normal schedule due to time differences and language barriers.

Qualified Expertise

Once you’ve determined a software company can help you save money, consider the level of expertise you’ll be offered. Does the company specialize in specific types of software development? Do they have the expertise and personnel to complete your project to certain specifications and on time?

Outsourced software development teams should have specified areas of technical focus. In technology, any company that claims to be experts in every language and methodology is not being honest. You’ll end up with missed deadlines, subpar work and more frustration than value.

Take the time to find a company that closely matches your needs. If you aren’t sure what your needs are, talk to an expert. Most software outsourcing professionals will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Strong Communication

Language and time barriers have to be considered when you choose to outsource, especially when you look at companies in India and China. Working with a development team in Central or South America gives North American teams a development partner in closer proximity with real-time communication.

Working at the same time and in the same language as your outsourced development team cannot be understated. Make sure you can communicate in real-time with your team before selecting a partner. You may not know how difficult communication barriers can be until they’ve stalled your project for weeks on end.


Establish deadlines with your development partner for each feature release of your application. Can they offer a percentage of successfully completed projects? Can they explain how they guarantee deadlines, and what steps will be completed in that timeframe? This information will help you invest a vendor that values strict project management and true quality assurance.

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